Paul F. Ronci Memorial Scholarship

Paul F. Ronci Memorial Scholarship
Posted on 03/24/2020


DUE DATE: March 24, 2020 to School Counselors offices for processing and mailing

 The Paul F. Ronci Memorial Scholarship Trust has been established by the Parents of Paul F. Ronci to provide an annual scholarship to a full-time student who has attained academic excellence, demonstrates financial need, is a Rhode Island resident, aspires to further the good of humanity, and who otherwise displays leadership skills and a desire to better society. Click here to apply or use PDF File below:
Paul F. Ronci Memorial Scholarship.pdf


1.  Must be in top 10% class rank.
2.  Must submit completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (available through your high school Counseling Department).
3.  Must submit a handwritten essay setting forth applicant's goals, ambitions and desires with specific reference to what applicant intends to accomplish for the good of humanity (maximum of two (2) pages).
4.  Must have been a resident of Rhode Island for ten (10) of the last twelve (12) years. Proof of residency required.