Alice Sullivan Memorial Fund Scholarship

Alice Sullivan Memorial Fund Scholarship
Posted on 05/01/2021
DUE:  May 1, 2021 (on-line only)

A memorial endowment has been established to sustain in perpetuity Alice Sullivan’s life, character and enthusiasm for female athletics.  One of the purposes of the fund is to award a monetary scholarship to a female high school and/or female collegiate student-athlete who express an interest in coaching, officiating and/or athletic administration.

To be considered for the Alice Sullivan Memorial Fund Scholarship, female candidates must submit a completed application that includes the following:

*High School or College Transcript

*A resumé which lists achievements, athletic activities, clubs, awards and community service.

*A short essay entitled, “How do you envision making a contribution to education, athletics, officiating, coaching or athletic administration?”

For more information:  Alice Sullivan Memorial Scholarship.pdf

To apply: