Hallie Linacre Memorial Scholarship

Hallie Linacre Memorial Scholarship
Posted on 05/21/2021
Seniors and Chariho Graduates only
DUE DATE:  May 21, 2021--Must be emailed to the organization by the student.

**New application--original had an error in the email address**

The Hallie Linacre Memorial Scholarship was created to honor Hallie Linacre who passed away in her sleep from Sudden Cardiac Death on May 8th, 2020. Hallie was a 2017 graduate of Chariho High School and was entering her Senior year at Nichols College double majoring in Accounting and Finance.  Hallie was loving, kind and a true leader in her classes and on the soccer field.  She
was committed to honoring her best friend Maddie Potts, by setting up fundraisers at Nichols and raising money for the Maddie Potts Foundation. We are so pleased to offer 3 scholarships to Chariho seniors in the amount of $1137. We are also offering one scholarship in the amount of $1137 to Chariho graduates who are currently enrolled in a post-secondary school. 

Hallie Memorial Scholarship--REVISED.docx