John P. Burke Memorial Fund Scholarship

John P. Burke Memorial Fund Scholarship
Posted on 05/01/2021
DUE:  May 1, 2021 (online only)

ELIGIBILITY:  At the time of applying, the applicant must have completed a minimum of two (2) full golf seasons, not including the current year, of successful work at a member club of the Rhode Island Golf Association in the following areas:
--Golf Operations including a caddie, golf shop operations worker, cart or bag room operations, and practice range.

--Golf Course Maintenance staff.

--Clubhouse staff who work in the "front areas of the clubhouse" directly serving golfers.  Includes wait staff, food and beverage servers, on-course food facility/cart and locker room staff.  

The student must be a regular or seasonal employee and have a work schedule of minimum of 18 hours per week.

Applicants may apply as seniors in high school or during their college careers.

REQUIREMENTS:  To Be Considered For A Burke Scholarship...

--Candidate must provide information demonstrating an acceptable scholastic record at an accredited secondary school, a verifiable homeschooling academic record or at an accredited undergraduate college/university.

--Candidate must provide the requested financial information.

--Candidate must be above average in character, integrity and leadership as demonstrated in participation in extracurricular, civic and/or community activities.

An interview with the Scholarship Committee is required. Note: A completed information package is required in order to schedule an interview.

It is the applicant's responsibility to see that all the required documents and information is submitted.

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