KDMF Scholarship Opportunities

KDMF Scholarship Opportunities
Posted on 04/17/2023

DUE:  April 17, 2023 to School Counseling Office for Processing and Mailing.

The Katie DeCubellis Memorial Foundation is a local non-profit organization established in the memory of Katie DeCubellis, a 13-year old Narragansett student killed by a drunk driver on October 29, 1999.  The organization seeks to help others and to make our community a better place in which to live.  Our Foundation has set out to educate people on the dangers of drunk driving and substance abuse.

The KDMF Offers four different scholarships.  The “KDMF Victim Relief”, the “Nobody’s Glory…Everybody’s Gain”, the “Make a Difference” and the “KDMF Memorial” (open to Narragansett residents only).

“Katie DeCubellis Victim Relief Scholarship”
in the amount of $1,000 to a Senior high school student in Rhode Island who best exemplifies the strength, courage and commitment to triumph over the physical, emotional and/or financial tragedy resulting from an impaired driver. 

Victim Relief Scholarship Application 2023.pdf

KDMF “Nobody’s Glory ... Everybody’s Gain” Scholarships
in the amount of $1,000 are awarded annually to two (2) Senior students in Rhode Island who best exemplify a positive attitude and commitment to their school community to be “that” person who always steps up and gets the job done, while also maintaining good academic standing! Whether it’s organizing your school dance, selling those raffle tickets, and generally assisting whenever and wherever you are needed. No job too small! Is your school a better place because of your efforts? If so, we want your application. 

Nobody's Glory Scholarship Application KDMF 2023.pdf

KDMF “Make A Difference" Scholarship will provide two $1,000 scholarships to high school seniors about to further their education in a technical program or in a two- or four-year college program.  Students must be CURRENT active members in their school’s SADD, youth-to-youth, natural helpers or other school organization specifically targeted to substance abuse prevention and/or good-decision making. 

Make a Difference Scholarship Application KDMF 2023.pdf

 “Katie DeCubellis Memorial Scholarship” will provide a scholarship in the total amount of $6,000 ($1500 per year for 4 years) to a Senior high school student and Narragansett resident, who best exemplifies Katie’s qualities of friendship, community service and academic excellence. Applicants should maintain a “B” or better average and demonstrate a strong commitment to extracurricular activities and community service. 

Memorial Scholarship Application KDMF 2023.pdf