South County Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship

South County Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship
Posted on 04/07/2021
DUE:  April 7, 2021 to School Counselors offices for final review. 

**Students cannot submit directly to the organization as your application will not be accepted.**

The South County Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship Fund is used to assist graduating seniors interested in working in the health care field.  These awards shall be made for direct support of course fees/purchase of books/tuition assistance.  Multiple scholarships are awarded on an annual basis. 

This scholarship is intended to assist a graduating high school senior in his or her future endeavors in securing a position in a health care profession.  The final vocational interest could include such diverse areas as medicine, dentistry, nursing or physical therapy.  The initial screening process will be performed by the individual’s school faculty members who are responsible for this type of procedure and should be based on academic performance, extracurricular activities, a 500 word essay, in addition to the individual’s expressed interest in a health profession career.  

South County Hospital Med Staff Scholarship.pdf